5 Top Legal Tech Companies You Never Heard of

Legal tech is rapidly changing field. New start-ups seem to appear out of nowhere every week. Just like in any field, these new companies often don’t stay afloat. Competition is ruthless.

Some start-ups, however, seem to defy the odds and stay afloat whilst offering an unusual but remarkable product or service.

In this post we will dive into 5 top legal tech companies that stand apart and seem to find some traction.


WarRoom is a company that focusses on software which aids lawyers in preparing for trials. Next to a badass product name it offers a one-stop platform to better organize testimonies and prepare for trials which functions in any web browser.

Preparing a case for trial is a time-consuming activity. Many practitioners will confirm that automation could be a big help in this specific area of legal practice.

WarRoom is one of those top legal tech companies that noticed a gap in their sector. They found that litigation technology didn’t really focus on trial preparation and decided to create a niche solution.

DocStyle LLC

Transforming your diligently constructed word document to a pdf file?

Super easy, takes about three clicks and 5 seconds in total.

Transforming a pdf file to a properly formatted word document?

A lot less simple! There are some shady websites who offer such a service. Try googling ‘pdf to word’, which you might have already done in your lifetime. These websites often completely destroy the format and structure of the pdf document.

Thank god there is DocStyle! They offer software which aids the (legal) professional in formatting word documents in record time. They also offer pdf to word software which solves this age-old problem once and for all. Their main selling point is that their product will save you a lot of time. It’s probably more accurate to state that it saves you time AND frustration.


Some clients consult their lawyer for more or less the same thing over and over again. Some clients require legal assistance every month or week.

For such clients the relationship they have with their lawyer or law firm is essential.

Why not streamline such a relationship?

FixiPlans assists lawyers and law firms by offering subscription-based legal services to their clients. The software handles all the billing, credit card charges and only allows clients who are current on their payments to use their benefits.

It’s a single solution for lawyers and law firms who seek to bind certain clients to them long term.

Kinnami Software Corporation

As we have discussed on our blog before, law firms are a prime target for cyber-attacks. It’s very important for any legal practitioner to safeguard all data they store from such attacks.

Kinnami is a company which seeks to provide a safe solution. They are a cloud software company that safeguards data by enhancing data verification and auditability.

Existing software often only protect the data at one point or location. Kinnami seeks to provide a secure container around the data itself, effectively following it wherever it goes.

Kinnami might be a great solution for your data protection needs as a lawyer or law firm, who handles a lot of sensitive information.


Almost all legal tech software and solutions focus on making the life of the lawyer or law firm easier.

Lawble, in contrast, focusses on the client!

Clients who are looking for legal aid or representation can describe the details of their problem or case and find a lawyer or law firm that fits their specific needs. Lawyers and law firms can receive this detailed information on what a client needs even before ever talking to them.

This makes the intake process so much smoother and gives the client certain guarantees about the qualities of the legal professional they end up with!

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