Estate Planning Software For Lawyers: An Overview

Lawyers and other legal professionals who handle estate planning swear by using software. Estate planning is complex and time consuming. Any way to reduce tediousness is welcome. Hardly any professional handles estate planning without software. In this post we will give an overview of some of the most interesting software providers. Just like we did … Read more

5 Top Legal Tech Companies You Never Heard of

top legal tech companies

Legal tech is rapidly changing field. New start-ups seem to appear out of nowhere every week. Just like in any field, these new companies often don’t stay afloat. Competition is ruthless. Some start-ups, however, seem to defy the odds and stay afloat whilst offering an unusual but remarkable product or service. In this post we … Read more

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: What You Need to Know

Cyber attacks are serious. They can lead to the theft of valuable sensitive data, they can disrupt phone and computer networks or paralyze entire systems, effectively making data unavailable. How can cybersecurity help law firms stay safe? Law firms are a primary target Cyber attacks are on the rise worldwide. There are over 4.000 cyber … Read more

Why Data Processing Agreements Are Important

data processing agreement

In recent years, data protection and privacy have been hot topics in lawmaking all over the world. The rise of tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple have lead to a public debate about the protection of our personal information and online privacy. Policymakers worldwide have responded by creating a wide array of different laws … Read more

Mapping the COVID-19 global response

global covid-19

Lawmaking is usually a long and tedious process. Proposals for new laws, or adjustments to old ones, often take years to finalize. The global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has taught us that this process is sped up when states are confronted with an urgent crisis. Obligatory masks, lockdowns, curfews, the prohibition of public events, social … Read more

How clients find a lawyer online

The time where every person or family had their own personal lawyer who handled all their legal issues is long behind us. The increasing complexity of both society and the law has lead to specialization amongst lawyers. Clients who need legal advice or representation don’t go to the local lawyer on the corner, they look … Read more

Are Virtual “Zoom Trials” Here to Stay?

It’s a massive challenge for every sector to find ways to deal with the limits imposed by the current COVID-19 crisis. The legal sphere is no exception. In recent months, there have been many creative initiatives all around the world to keep the courts running. the tricky part: respecting safety regulations such as obligatory masks … Read more


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