The Starlink Revolution, Rural Lawyers, And Legal Tech

Starlink Rural Lawyer Legal Tech

Starlink will have a profound effect on Legaltech. Bringing highspeed, low latency, and high bandwidth internet to rural communities will democratize law practicing. Using legal tech in the city is quick, easy, and convenient. In rural communities, however, major hurdles still exist. When your upload and download speed is expressed in kilobytes instead of mega- … Read more

Software for patent attorneys: A beginner guide

the best software for patent attorneys

Choosing the best software as a patent attorney can be quite a challenge. There are numerous software solutions available that promise you to streamline your entire process, make you more profitable, and all of that at a cost-effective price. Let´s look at what you should definitely take into consideration when choosing the best software to … Read more

Estate Planning Software For Attorneys: What To Consider

estate planning software for attorneys

Specialized estate planning software for attorneys is becoming more commonplace in the workplace. There is a plurality of specialized software out there, even for legal niches like estate planning. The question, however, is this useful? As we have argued before, switching between apps costs time and sometimes it is better to have a less powerful … Read more


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