Best Dictation Software for a Lawyers Office

Finding the best dictation software for a lawyer’s office is difficult. There aren’t many great options on the market, but a lot of improvements have been made in the field over the last few years. AI has made great progress in recognizing the right vowels and filtering background noises. Speech recognition is not just useful to buy your diapers from Amazon and ask Google what Mongolia’s main export is.

Dictation software at the moment is full of errors and it is just as time-consuming to fix the errors of the software as to write it down yourself. If you aren´t a one-man office you might be able to find a freelancer. The best dictation software for a lawyer’s office is only as good as the one that is correcting the output. If you need help with finding a good freelancer to fix your dictation, you should send lawleads an email. They are sure to help you find what you need (for free).

These are the best dictation software for a lawyers office

1. Google Docs Voice Typing

Google docs is the best and most accurate option for dictation for lawyers in our experience. The best thing about it, it is completely free and easily accessible. All you need to do is enable voice typing, and turn on the microphone. It will automatically begin typing as you dictate. When you want to stop the dictation, you just press turn off the microphone.

2. Macspeech Scribe

This is another accurate option for easy dictation. The big drawback is that you need to have a Mac or install the software. It also isn’t a free option. It comes at a price of 149.99. While you won´t be breaking the bank, why pay for something when better options are available and free?

3. Siri

Apple makes pretty good speech recognition. If you are an iPhone user and aren´t familiar with Google Docs, or just don´t want to use it, this is another good option. The big downside is that you need to have an Iphone.


At this moment, dictation software isn’t advanced enough for a lawyer to trust if fully. If you want an error-proof dictation, you should think about getting a freelancer to help you out fixing the more common mistakes. That way you can save yourself a whole lot of time. The Best Dictation Software for a Lawyers Office on the market is Google Docs Speech Recognition. Don´t pay money for overrated paid specialty software.

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