Bing Ads For Lawyers: Forgotten Treasure or Money Pit?

For lawyers using Bing Ads might be a crucial step that you need to grow your business further, for a cheaper price. Next to using an email list, digital advertising is one of the most used ways to grow your legal practice. Google Ads is king in the online search advertising game, it has an almost monopoly position with 86.3% compared to Bings 6.8%. In the total digital ad market, Google accounts for 29.4% of all ads you see online. Despite making up almost 7% of the search ad market, nobody talks about Bing. Little known fact, Bing ads show up on both Bing and the Yahoo search engines. These account for about 30% of the global search market.

Bing Ads For Lawyers is All About the Roi

The one and the only reason you are reading this article are to know if Bing can get you more clients. The short answer is ´yes´. Advertising on Bing seems to have a lot of pros but there are some things to keep in mind.

Displaying your ads on Bing (and Yahoo) can be a good deal for your firm because the CPC (cost per click) is up to 70% lower for the exact same keyword. The ads also allow 40 characters in the ad titles, compared to Adwords 25. Meaning you can offer multiple services, or a clearer description, in your ads. Lastly, when you are already using Google Adwords you can import your data from there to Bing fast and easy.

Using Bing Ads as a lawyer also has some drawbacks. If you are trying to reach young people Bing’s young audience might be too small. Only 11% of the search engine users are between the 18 and 24 age groups. However, if you are interested in a more professional audience of 45-54-year-olds, Bing might be right for you. They make up 20% of the search engine´s users. This more affluent audience, with often more profitable legal cases like divorces and business disputes combined with the much lower cost per click (CPC) Bing ads for lawyers, might be a forgotten treasure.


Bing ads serve a smaller audience, but it still serves millions of people. Those millions of people are found in some of the most interesting segments, legal case wise, of the population. Using bing ads as a lawyer is definitely recommended. The lower CPC minimizes your risks and you can import your Google data saving you tons of time. Our advice: Go for it.

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