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Family Lawyer Software: Which is best for you?

Finding the right Family Lawyer Software for your firm is crucial. Practicing law has changed…

ByByTomSeptember 25, 2020

Will Edward Snowden Get Pardoned in 2020?

Edward Snowden became known all around the world after disclosing over a million classified documents…

ByBySimonSeptember 25, 2020

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Estate Planning Software For Attorneys: What To Consider

Specialized estate planning software for attorneys is becoming more commonplace in the workplace. There is…

ByByTomOctober 12, 2020

CRM For Lawyers: What You Need To Look Out For

What is CRM for Lawyers? CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. CRM for Lawyers…

ByByTomOctober 8, 2020

Mapping the COVID-19 global response

Lawmaking is usually a long and tedious process. Proposals for new laws, or adjustments to…

ByBySimonOctober 7, 2020

Document automation for Lawyers

What is document automation? Simply put these are systems that automatically create new electronic documents…

ByByTomOctober 6, 2020