CRM For Lawyers: What You Need To Look Out For

What is CRM for Lawyers?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. CRM for Lawyers and law firms is used to profile prospects and understand the needs of your clients. This in order to build a relationship with them and make sure you provide the optimal service. When working with larger clients CRM can be a great solution for your law firms. The benefit of using it is more than worthwhile to consider implementing. There is a reason it has become more popular than ever over the years.

Good CRM software helps you delegate your team, streamline the progression of your cases, and gives you the tools to quickly and efficiently deal with clients. This helps you to plan and calculate the needs of your clients.

Four Ways CRM Helps Lawyers And Law Firms

  1. Organize important tasks

Nothing is more annoying and time-wasting than having to switch between apps multiple times. Good software integrates all essential functions in one easy program. This means that you do have to go to App A to bill your clients and App B to track your time. A lot of software lacks this, definitely when you are planning to use all-purpose CRM software. This is why we recommend you use specialized programs for lawyers.

  1. Centralize the management of all documents 

An important aspect of CRM for lawyers is to centralize your documents. When your law firm is growing you might use multiple storage solutions for your documents. Make sure the software you use has the ability to integrate popular cloud software. Google Drive and Dropbox are essential. Even if you exclusively use one program for your documents, you never know when you need another. It could very well be that an important client insists on using dropbox only because they are more familiar with this. Having to switch between programs, even for just one client, is annoying and can easily be avoided. 

  1. Centralize your customer data

If you do not use specialized software your customer data can be all over the place. Your email list in one place, billing data in another. This poses a considerable risk. Not just losing your data is a possibility but having your security breached is another risk. When you use multiple apps, there is a larger chance that there is a database breach. If like most people, your login information is the same across multiple applications, this could have a snowball effect. When using just one program, you mitigate the risk a lot. 

When you are afraid of losing data, be sure to use CRM software for attorneys that have cloud storage. 

  1. Track customer interaction

When your firm is growing it starts to become harder and harder to keep track of what you have done for your clients. It is important to know exactly what you have asked your clients, by email or verbally. When you ask questions again, it gives clients the feeling you aren´t really listening and their case isn´t all that important to you. 

Any decent software that handles CRM for lawyers gives you an organized overview of every interaction you had with clients, both on- and offline. It integrates your emails, your planner, any notes you have made, and so on.  


The importance of CRM for lawyers has grown considerably over the years. Solutions today are powerful and affordable. However, there are many programs out there that might not be up to standards. Following our list of four essential features that any CRM software must have will help you well on your way picking a good program. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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