The importance of having an email list as a lawyer

Lawyers need an email list. You don´t need to go all out and publish a weekly newsletter, but an email list is essential. It has benefits no other marketing channel has. Yet, when you look at the site of a lot of small law firms, all you see is a ´contact us´ button. No, as a client I am not going to just contact you. Clients need someone they trust. Someone that they know will fight for them. Just write some articles and saying ´contact us´ doesn´t cut it. Besides, direct messaging, no other marketing channel is as scalable, while being as personal, as email marketing. 

Advantages for law firms and attorneys 

The big advantage email lists have over the ´contact us´ button is that you don´t let the client do the work. You are sending him emails according to his needs, the articles he read on your site, his demographics, and his interest. You are building a relationship of trust and are occupying a place in his mind as a legal expert in his life. 

Emails also help in re-engagement. Once a client is gone from your site, it can be a while until he comes back, if ever. The most you can do is hope for the best. An email list gives you the power to reconnect with clients. Something a lot of people forget is that Email is more popular than social media, by far. Facebook has 1.7 billion users, while email has about 2.6 billion according to Optinmonster

Email list for a Lawyer: Price

As a stingy guy myself, my first reaction to doing things is always ¨yeah yeah, but how much does it cost?¨. Well, the good thing about running a law firm is that you are unlikely to get thousands of email addresses for a very long time. Most Email list management systems, like Mailchimp, are free for up to 2000 email addresses. Making the cost of running a small email list as a lawyer a whopping $0 dollars. If you want to know how to start an email list, we have got you covered, see our article about it here

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