Estate Planning Software For Lawyers: An Overview

Lawyers and other legal professionals who handle estate planning swear by using software. Estate planning is complex and time consuming. Any way to reduce tediousness is welcome. Hardly any professional handles estate planning without software. In this post we will give an overview of some of the most interesting software providers. Just like we did for software for patent lawyers & dictation software for lawyers.

The importance of estate planning is obvious. But preparing for a time where you’re not there for your loved ones is not easy. There’s a lot to think about and even more to plan. That’s why you should be aware of estate planning and the presence of increasingly simplified ways to prepare for your loved ones in the future.

With an estate plan, you stand a better chance at accounting for every aspect of your legacy. This includes wealth distribution, assets, properties and healthcare. Estate Planning also awards you the opportunity to execute powers of attorney over your assets.

If you’re looking to create an Estate Plan as a lawyer, it is a good idea to take inspiration from experienced professionals. This way, you stand a better chance of covering all possible scenarios that can affect your client. On that note, we’ve decided to compile our recommended Estate Planning Software for Lawyers and all you need to know about them.

Estate Planning Software 1: Rocket Lawyer | Starting at $40/month

Estate Planning Software 1: Rocket Lawyer

Our first example of estate planning software for lawyers is Rocket Lawyer. Established with a large network of Lawyers and Legal Counsel, Rocket Lawyer has pretty much everything you need from an estate planning perspective. With this particular website, you can gain access to Estate Planning for all 50 states in the USA.

The legal service also comes with a seven-day free trial, which could be enough for anyone with a solid plan in mind. The Rocket Lawyer estate planner allows you to create up to three different documents, along with access to consultation with a lawyer through a phone call or email correspondence.

If you opt-in for the $40/month subscription, you’ll gain access to a large network of attorneys who can provide you with relevant advice and state-specific needs as you draft different elements of an estate plan. You can be more fine-tuned with the structure of the last will and testament, power of attorney, living will and living trust.

All necessary documents on Rocket Lawyer are relatively painless to create. For some legal forms, it can simply take 15 minutes of your time. As you work on the documents, you also have the opportunity to find any useful information you need on given subjects. The interface is relatively easy to use as it comes with a notes section for you to keep track of any enquiries you may have for an appointed lawyer.

Estate Planning Software 2: DoYourOwnWill | Free

Estate Planning Software 2: DoYourOwnWill

This completely free piece of software is exactly what you need if you’re on a tight budget. The wide variety of forms available are sure to attract many possibilities for the future of your assets. With DoYourOwnWill, you can enjoy full access to the website without any inconvenient registration process. Instead, simply load the website and begin to explore a better future for your loved ones.

The forms available can be completed quickly and made available for download as a PDF or Word document, leaving the final step as a slot for you to sign.

Even with its tempting features, there are a few drawbacks to DoYourOwnWill. The significance of these drawbacks are highly dependent on whether or not you’re looking to create a will that contains various nuances. The templates available here are quite basic and there is no legal support, so you’ll need to pay extra attention while researching. If you’re still in the early stages of your growth in wealth, it isn’t a bad idea to at least have an estate plan in writing. With something from DoYourOwnWill as a base, it’s safe to execute your Will after your passing, as long as you’ve given close attention to the laws.

A basic draft can be completed in just under five minutes. With the help of a relevant FAQ and a regularly updated blog, DoYourOwnWill is quite efficient in its own way.

Estate Planning Software 3: Trust & Will | Starting at $159

Estate Planning Software 3: Trust & Will

With a name like that, you already have a solid idea of what you’re getting into. The Trust & Will estate planning platform does justice to its name with the provision of easy access to estate planning documents.

The company is able to provide a solid selling point for users with the presence of a modernized integration process. The website is highly intuitive with a simple user-friendly design to navigate.

One thing that might be a bit shocking is the $159 price tag attached to the service, along with other charges. You’ll need to pay an additional $139 for other estate planning documents using this service. However, parting ways with the pricing can grant you access to some top-notch estate planning documents. This includes written information on estate planning and professional technical support.

A major selling point for this service is the seamlessness, granting you full access to an estate plan in just 10 minutes in some cases. Your documents are mailed to you along with procedures to ensure that the plans are legally binding.

One thing you’re getting from Trust & Will that you will likely not find elsewhere is the provision of state-specific trusts. This gives you everything you need for a solid set of documents regardless of where you live within the USA.

Estate Planning Software 4: Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust | Starting at $100

Estate Planning Software 4: Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust

This is probably the full package you’re looking for if you have a pre-meditated plan for how your Estate should be treated upon your death. It’s a downloadable piece of software that is available on Mac and Windows, providing complete access to a wide range of estate planning tools including state-specific laws, legal forms, processes and documentation.

Every aspect of this tool is regularly vetted by a team of legal experts, making it extremely valuable for anyone that wishes to be secure in terms of procedural steps. If you’re completely oblivious to the estate planning process, this software can be overwhelming. It has a fair share of moving parts that require prerequisite knowledge. Plus, there’s no access to attorney’s for legal advice, so you’re basically left to figure out most of it on your own. The Quicken WillMaker is by no means bad. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can produce an estate plan that is dramatically better than what you’ll normally be able to create through the use of most of the other pieces of software on this list.

Writing a Will with some idea of what you’re doing can take just 25 minutes of your time. However, the Will you’ll be able to create is one that is thorough and best described as a complete package. The resources you get for the $100 software are completely reliable.

Estate Planning Software 5: Total Legal | Starting at $19.95/2 months

Estate Planning Software 5: Total Legal

Total Legal serves as a subsidiary of Pro Se Planning, Inc., a business that provides legal products and services to customers. In addition to estate planning, there’s also access to business formation documents and other relevant documents. If it’s something that will usually require an attorney to create, this simplifies the process by giving you a strong template to build upon.

The individual estate planning documents are priced differently, beginning at $19.95 if you’re looking to create a Will. Once created, it remains stored in your account for a 60-day period, supported by unlimited updates for any changes that you want to enact.

If you opt-in for the yearly subscription plan, Total Legal begins to feel more comprehensive as there is access to free legal services. This is especially valuable as you can get a free consultation with a lawyer, follow up with free yearly updates and gain access to documents that have been vetted by an attorney. The resources that accompany your $89 subscription for this plan are relevant and useful to the experience.

Creating a document is quite simple, encountering a list of questions that will help you complete a document before you gain access to a print-worthy version.

There’s a document storage vault and various discounted services that can help you create substantial changes over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents should I create while planning my estate?

Planning your estate can encompass a wide variety of documents, but you should focus on these ones as your priority:

  • Last will and testament
  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney over health, finance and other matters in case you are ever incapacitated or deceased
  • Living Will in case you need end-of-life care and you are unable to make decisions on your own

What is a probate?

This is a legal process that serves as validation of your will and estate plan. When a court reviews your estate documentation, it needs to be deemed clear in order to execute it upon the conditions being fulfilled. If your Will is not deemed worthy by the court, fees may be deducted for the lengthened process.

Final Verdict

Estate Planning software for lawyers is gaining popularity fast. It’s a solid way to keep your future in check. If you’re looking into any of the software presented here, be sure to go in-depth with your decision. After all, the software is a convenience, but it is still a somewhat permanent decision that you are executing.

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