Family Lawyer Software: Which is best for you?

Finding the right Family Lawyer Software for your firm is crucial. Practicing law has changed considerably in the last decade. Clients expect you to answer your emails and calls at a moment’s notice. At the same time, the attorney-client relationship has become less formal. Family Lawyer Software should help you handle your clients, fast and professionally. However, professional relationships between client and attorney should be maintained and fostered. This is a considerable challenge when more work is done online and remote.

Why Being a Family Lawyer is Special

Not all software for attorneys is made equal. Today, there are hundreds of apps that promise you to be faster, more productive, and a leaner law firm. Being a family lawyer, however, is different. You are part of your client’s very personal life, unlike corporate or IP lawyers. Often you know things about them that even their best friends don´t have a clue about. Trust is central between a family lawyer and their client. Family Lawyer Software needs to provide the perfect balance between professionalism and your own personal touch.

What Should You Look for in Good Family Lawyer Software

From your side, the law firm, several needs must be addressed.

First of all, your time is valuable. Switching between software programs takes time. Ideally, everything you want to do online should be found in one program. You should be able to do your billing, schedule an appointment, and track your progress.

Second, the software must be easy to use. Not just for you, but for everyone you hire. Most of you reading this blog are entrepreneurs. You want to grow your law firm. You are exceptionally motivated so learning comes easy. Employees have less of a stake in the company, and on average have less incentive to learn. Choosing niche family lawyer software that is hard to understand is counterproductive. It takes a while to train your employees and mistakes can be costly.

Third, the software needs to be affordable. As in any purchase, the value-price ratio needs to be great. No hidden costs, no weird subscription plans, and no sudden price changes. It needs to be straight to the point and fair.

Finally, you need to be sure you picked the right software. Transitioning from one platform to another is a pain. Time, money, and patience is easily lost. Mistakes, like lost files and database errors, happen more often than not. This is why you need to sure from the start you picked the right program. When picking family lawyer software you should look for companies that offer 24/5 or even 24/7 support. Read their reviews and look at the one and two stars! This will help you pick what is right for you.

The client experience is important too

Clear communication with your client is key. Software for a family attorney should help you communicate with the client. This in a way that saves you time. Ideally, the client logs in and goes to his personal file. He should easily be able to see the progess on his case. Straightforward and easy to use are two key aspects. This saves you time consuming emails, calls and visits.

What Should You Avoid Picking the Right Family Lawyer Software

There are some less obvious aspects that you should avoid when picking good software.

Firstly, downtime. Nothing is more annoying than your computer having to update when you are about to give a presentation. The same goes for legal software. Often updates mean a lot of downtimes and more frustration for you.

Secondly, having too much features. You are a family attorney, software should be straight to the point. Every unnecessary feature adds to the learning curve. Family lawyer software should be specialized. You don´t go to a general practicioner for important niche issues, you go to a specialist.

Third, operating system compatibility. Always check if the software works on your operating system. Most programs work on windows. However, the more niche you go the more often you run into compatibility issues. Definitly double check when you use a chromebook!

Lastely, avoid software for lawyers that is not stored in the cloud. Losing files can be a pain. Losing your clients files can be a disaster. Make sure that everything you do is backed up in the cloud. That way, when your computer crashes, gets stolen or stops working you can still access your files. Being cloud-based makes it more easy to share what you are working on. Helping you , and your team, become more productive.

Our recommendations

We have spent hours looking for the best family lawyer software on the market. These are the program we advise you to use for your law firm. We don´t want to give you an endless list that gets you nowhere. So we have picked the two we would use ourselves. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

1. PracticePanther legal software

PracticePanther is specialized in legal software for family lawyers. They are cloud-based, have great support, and are compatible with both Mac and Pc. They also offer great and easy to use client portal. They are easy to use and affordable. Scoring a phenomenal 4.76/5 from 352 reviews we feel confident recommending PracticePanther.

2. MyCase

Amongst family lawyer software, MyCase is one of the easiest to use. They offer one simple subscription plan that has all their features. It is powerful and affordable. Their client portal is not as good as PracticePanter, in our opinion, but still amongst the best out there. While not as specialized as PracticePanter it makes a great alternative.

If these programs are not for you or yu feel something is missing or you have questions, don´t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you as soon as we can. Oh, and the best thing, we help you for free. No catch!


Picking family lawyer software is unique. Not only do you and your fellow attorneys need to understand the software, but it also needs to have a great client portal. Following this guide when picking a program will definitely get you on the right track! Particularly, what to avoid is important. Good software is abundant but excellent is rare. This is why we included two excellent recomendations.

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