Software for patent attorneys: A beginner guide

Choosing the best software as a patent attorney can be quite a challenge. There are numerous software solutions available that promise you to streamline your entire process, make you more profitable, and all of that at a cost-effective price. Let´s look at what you should definitely take into consideration when choosing the best software to manage intellectual property.

1. Cloud-based is the Standard

¨It´s in the cloud¨ is a phrase you have definitely heard once or twice over the years. In the last five years, cloud storage has become the industry standard. If you are not backing up your files in a remote third party storage location as a legal professional that is a big red flag for major clients and a disaster waiting to happen. Unlike what most people think, hard drives and other storage capacity degrades and breaks down. If you are using a hard disk drive (HDD) that is over five years old, you are living on the edge, data-storage wise.

Preferable the best software for patent attorneys you choose has an option to store your files in the cloud. We advise that you look for software that uses Google, Amazon, or Dropbox´s storage solution, instead of their own. This is much more reliable, as smaller software firms often have only one data location. In terms of cross-platform accessibility going with one of the major players in cloud-storage solutions is a no-brainer. Pretty much any app or website that you´ll need as a patent attorney has the option to download your files from Google Drive or Dropbox. This makes intellectual property management with software a lot easier and convenient.

2. Software for a Patent Attorney or All Intellectual Property?

Bigger is better. This is also often the case when looking for computer programs. Niche programs are often not good enough, don´t have the support you need, and confine you into one space. When looking to go the digital route choose software that manages all intellectual property and not just patents. The best intellectual property management software isn´t specialized in one thing and does the rest bad. IT does everything excellent as it should be. Preferably it has been developed under the strict guidance of intellectual property attorneys. ´Luckily´ there isn´t much analysis paralysis to be afraid of when looking for legal tech solutions in this field to help you. Good programs are scarce. The market is not that large and the number of experts developing good software for patent law firms isn´t very high.

3. What is the best patent docketing software

In our experience, Alt Legal is the best patent docketing Software, and the best software overall. It is also our top pick for overall programs. It is particularly useful for trademark professionals and attorneys. It has state-of-the-art automated docketing for patents for the USPTO and CIPO deadlines. You can report in a single click, has easy-to-use and useful email templates, and so on. You can´t go wrong with this one!

4. Our Top Three Programs

1. Alt Legal

Alt Legal is the most well-known software for patent attorneys and some of the best-reviewed out there. It has great docketing software that is quite easy to use and has a simple migration system that helps you move your files from one platform to another. It is cloud-based and helps you manage global IP filings.

2. AppColl

AppColl is another great intellectual property management software program. It follows the industry standard of being cloud-based. It has a good demo that shows you more than enough to see if this is a program you would benefit from using. AppColl also comes with a prosecution manager. Which helps you go through the various stages of a patent office application.

5. Conclusion: What is the best software for patent attorneys

It is hard to say exactly what your firm needs, without knowing how your firm operates, what its goals are, and how much work it has. This is something you need to clearly map before picking a software program, definitely if you would plan on using a custom made one. Keep in mind that you should always have access to the cloud-based storage and that you don´t go too niche that you needlessly confine yourself into a subpar platform that you will outgrow.

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